Installation of air conditioning, what VAT? 8% or 23%?

Installation of air conditioning, what VAT rate? 8% or 23%?

The cost of air conditioning consists not only of the price of the device itself, but also of its installation.When you buy the device itself, the matter is simple, it will be 23% VAT rate.When the device is purchased together with the installation service, the situation gets complicated and to the extent that virtually all air conditioning installers in Poland, erroneously charge VAT. The basis for [...]

what are the advantages of an accounting office in cracow

Why use an accounting office?

For many entrepreneurs, good bookkeeping is essential. What can we do not to get lost in accounts, invoices and tax settlements? Use the support of a proven, reliable and trusted accounting office, thanks to which keeping company documentation will cease to be such a great challenge. Accounting office is a valuable support for large companies and for those who run a one-person [...]

How companies inflate profits

How do companies inflate earnings?

When it comes to corporate profits, you can ask a lot of different questions. In this case you can stop, among other things, at the question of overstating the profit. Every company wants to be attractive for investors. In this way it acquires capital, which can be invested further or transferred for other needs - for example strictly operational activity. Hence, if the company itself [...]

Bookkeeping Krakow

Tax advisor or accounting office - where to start your business?

Well-placed questions at the beginning of your business journey are essential. You should ask yourself questions and look for answers. If you have a problem with that, ask a specialist with experience for help. What questions does a beginning entrepreneur ask himself? What are the questions that a budding entrepreneur has to ask himself? If among the beginners in business, one would ask whether [...]

How do I do my own bookkeeping?

How do I do my own bookkeeping?

Entrepreneurs who run small businesses look everywhere for savings. They often choose to do their bookkeeping on their own to cut costs. However, they must remember several important things when they decide not to hire an accountant. Self-employed bookkeeping and the CEIDG-1 application The entrepreneur, while establishing the business activity, must indicate in the CEIDG-1 application an entity which will deal with company's bookkeeping. It can [...]

which forms of bookkeeping for the business

What forms of accounting for a business?

A budding entrepreneur who is just setting up his business has to make many important decisions. One of them is to choose between full and simplified accounting. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, so you need to think carefully about which one will best suit your individual needs. Accounting is a task for an entrepreneur to interpret different laws. […]

basic accounting concepts

Basic accounting concepts

Whether we do our own accounting, try our hand at investing in the stock market or various financial instruments, or even think we don't have much to do with finance or accounting. To a greater or lesser extent they participate in our lives. It is worth knowing some basic concepts connected with them. Basic concepts [...]

Cloud ERP and business growth during a pandemic

Cloud ERP, and business growth during a pandemic

The pandemic, the epidemic, the COVID-19 virus spends the sleep of many doctors and families of infected people. Among them are also entrepreneurs, businessmen who see the huge change that this genetic code infecting people has made. The Ministry of digitization in Poland wants to implement a new plan in which the cloud is to play a key role. First, the cloud in the public sector will be implemented much [...]

Fixed assets in a Kraków company

Fixed assets in a Kraków company

Fixed assets can be used in accordance with the business profile of the company and usually have a tangible form. However, to include an item in the records of fixed assets, certain requirements must be met. So what is a fixed asset and how should it be entered in the accounting records? Definition of fixed assets The Personal Income Tax Act clearly indicates what features should be [...].

financial instruments in the real estate market

Financial instruments in the property market

The starting point for the definition of a financial instrument is the determination of the meaning of financial assets and liabilities and equity instrument. In accordance with the Accounting Act, financial liabilities should be understood as obligations of the entity to deliver a financial asset or to exchange a financial instrument with another entity under unfavourable conditions. Financial assets are receivables from other persons and institutions that are [...]

The founders of a limited liability company.

The founders of a limited liability company.

The Commercial Companies Code does not define "expressis verbis" who may be the founder of a limited liability company. The general rule is that such a company may be established by both natural and legal persons. A partnership may also be established by a commercial partnership, thus primarily a general partnership, limited partnership or a partnership. Partnerships (including limited joint-stock partnerships) do not [...]

how a joint stock company works

How does a joint stock company work?

The structure of the joint-stock company is suitable for large projects. It should be mentioned that a financial contribution of at least PLN 100 thousand is necessary to establish a business based on this type of company. Characteristics of joint-stock companies A company needs at least one entity to operate in this form, it can be a natural or legal person, or an organisation with [...] capacity.

Accounting principles applicable to sports associations

Accounting principles applicable to sports associations

In any type of business, the accounting or finance department is extremely important due to the fact that the people employed there take care of the finances of the business. The finances must be properly handled and also accounted for. It is very important that you have a good understanding of what is going on in your business and what is going on in your life. This is why it is advisable to use services such as: […]

Outsourcing. Investment funds

Outsourcing. Investment funds

Outsourcing (outise-resource-using) is the delegation to outside sources of tasks, functions, projects and other processes related to the operation of a company. "If there's something we can't do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there's no point in us doing it; we should hire someone to do the job who can do it better" - Henry Ford Deciding [...]

VAT in a business what you need to know

VAT in business: what do you need to know?

Your own business is not only about income and independence. It is also a lot of responsibilities and additional fees. The worst of them, about which we have to remember on time, are taxes. The matter looks a little different in the case of VAT. It is set on the invoice and paid by us or for us to the appropriate account. However, its determination, in terms of rates, lies [...]

Setting up a company

Setting up a business in Krakow: accountant support for entrepreneurs

Our Polish law is quite complicated. Moreover, accounting and tax regulations are among the most restrictive in Europe. Any mistake at the stage of setting up a business or a company may have negative consequences for the entrepreneur in the future. You should not risk it - the safest thing is to entrust the registration process to professionals who will efficiently complete all formalities, taking care both of [...]

Switching from KPIR to full accounting

Switching from KPiR to full accounting

In order for you to determine the correct amount of tax liability, you must keep appropriate books of account on the basis of accounting principles. The Polish legal system provides for two possible ways of keeping accounts. By means of a tax revenue and expense ledger and by means of accounting books. It should be noted that there is no rigid division between the indicated tax books. Taxpayers have the possibility and sometimes even the obligation [...].