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I am a passionate accountant and human resources professional.

Justyna Mąkosa - Full accounting

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My name is Justyna and working as an accountant is my professional passion. Unfortunately, the path to discovering this passion was not easy. I completed economic studies which gave me necessary theoretical knowledge. I started my practice in accounting offices, where I understood that being treated as just another person on the list is unfair, inefficient and sometimes harmful to the client. To be able to serve clients professionally and comprehensively, you need to have time for them. To have time, you need to have several clients, not dozens served by one person.

This approach ensures equal time and equal attention for all. Accounting, while it deals with numbers, the client itself cannot be another number on the client list.

Working in accounting offices and private companies was the time for me to put into practice the acquired skills in accounting, human resources and payroll. Many years of training and experience have resulted in my work as an independent accountant and HR and payroll specialist. I have broadened my competences by participating in numerous courses and trainings, which ended with obtaining certificates.

I am very well organized, open-minded and entrepreneurial person. I have well developed analytical skills. I am confident and open to new experience. I like to think and solve problems, which are not missing in accounting.

Accuracy is my forte. As an accountant, many tasks require patience, so I have learned to keep my accounts meticulously to avoid mistakes. Working in a fast-paced environment has taught me to deal with emotions and stress.

So if you are looking for an accounting service with a whole new level of service, then contact me.

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