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"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." - Benjamin Franklin

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I warmly invite you to get acquainted with my offer of accounting services and the price list below. It is simple and clear, exactly the way it should be.

Basic offer
Flat rate

The basic offer is addressed to companies with a smaller number of documents. You pay one, fixed rate per document. The minimum number of documents is 30, and the maximum is 150. For example, if you have 70 documents, you will pay 840 PLN, and if you have 35 documents, you will pay 420 PLN.

The offer also includes all additional options - free of charge.

Take a look at my full range of accounting services.

Extended offer
over 150 documents

The extended offer is for companies with more than 150 accounting documents. For each additional document, a fixed fee is charged. If you have, for example, 240 documents, you will pay 12 PLN for each document up to 150, that is 1800 PLN + 10 PLN for each additional one, so a total of 2700 PLN. The offer also includes all additional options - free of charge.

Human Resources & Payroll
One transparent rate.

Regardless of the offer you choose, there is one transparent rate for HR and accounting services.

No matter what contract you hire an employee under, you will pay the same amount for their service.

Get to know the details of my offer for HR and payroll services.

Additional services



Represents your company before the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution also in the scope of inspections.


Oversee and monitor your company's receivables and payables.


Preparing and sending reports to GUS and PEFRON.

Fixed assets

WNIP - Keeping a record of fixed assets, equipment and intangible assets, and calculating depreciation.

Circulation of documents

I can collect the documents from your company at a convenient time for you. You can also send them by specially secured e-mail.

Fiscal management

Fiscal management

It will inform you well in advance of the projected tax amount for the month.

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