Accounting office and accounting services Krakow

"Thinking is the hardest work possible, which is probably why so few undertake it." - Henry Ford.

I also subscribe to this.

Bookkeeping Krakow

Bookkeeping Krakow

Account Trees is a remote accounting and bookkeeping office in Krakow. I am an accountant, for over 15 years I have been mainly dealing with full accounting, as well as HR and payroll services. I offer the highest standard of individual accounting services for your business. Accounting is my job by choice and by education. I represent companies before tax and revenue authorities, also during inspections. More about me.

Accounting services

Constantly improved qualifications guarantee accounting services at the highest level and all the help an entrepreneur expects. I have civil liability insurance, as well as C.I.K. accounting certificate No. 76609. However, it is positive opinions my customers give me the greatest satisfaction.

Trading books

Trading books

Full accounting, i.e. service of commercial law companies and other companies exceeding the limit of statutory exemption.

Full accounting

Lump-sum accounts

Accounting services for clients representing liberal professions, settling accounts on the basis of registered lump sum.

Registered lump sum


KPiR, or Revenue and Expenses Ledger, is the most popular form of accounting. Experience and professionalism.

Revenue and expenditure account

Accounting for communities

Comprehensive accounting services for property managers and housing communities.

Accounting for housing communities

Human Resources & Payroll

Full HR and payroll service. Ongoing management of salaries, holidays, certificates and contracts.

Human Resources & Payroll

Fiscal management

Notifications of tax projections and optimization opportunities.

Fiscal management

Modern accounting

The classic accounting office is associated with ladies to whom you leave the documents. Of course you can do it also with me, however I focus on modern accounting so that you feel special. The offer of mobile bookkeeping services allows me to come to the client whenever there is a need to meet, which is appreciated by all my current clients. Thanks to modern technology accounting becomes more accessible, cheaper and transparent. Remote model of cooperation enables access to all documents regardless of location. I am flexible - you can bring the documents, I can pick them up, you can email them or take a picture. Focus on running your business and I will adapt to you.

Bookkeeping Krakow non-locally. Today's technology and advanced software allows you to do your bookkeeping directly at your client's site, giving you new opportunities for cooperation. Keeping accounting in this way, the tasks of accounting office can be carried out physically on your computer at your office. As a result, I work at your place, although I am at your place.

Financial benefits

Remote bookkeeping for businesses is a real money saver, as you realistically save the money you would have to spend to maintain a full-time position in your business. My bookkeeping service offering is exempt from employee costs - subject to. You are not concerned about holidays, sickness, accidents or finally unplanned redundancies or staff shortages. In summary, I can be on vacation and you won't even notice it.

That's not all, of course. Compare your accounting office price lists with my accounting services price list. You will notice a huge difference not only in the rates themselves, but also in the complexity of accounting office price lists. Every activity has its own price, and this in turn can make you feel confused. You don't take an accountant to work with you to wonder whether PLN 130 for a statutorily required "preparation of cash flow statements" is a lot or a little. Fortunately for me the situation is very simple and the whole price list is 3 points. Simple and clear. Let's not complicate our lives and it's already convoluted enough - especially in terms of accounting.


Being an accountant is a constant learning experience. There are many professions where constant advancement will force self-improvement. Accounting is unique in that regulations change several times a year and in a huge number of areas. What we hear in the media are just those major and basic changes. My professional education lost its validity a long time ago. Now something more counts - passion and willingness to help in difficult cases for clients.

This is where knowledge, backed by experience, is verified. From here we can say about someone that they are a good or bad accountant. My experience? Without laconisms - thousands of solved accounting, HR and payroll problems and even more positively solved current issues. It doesn't matter if you have been inspected by the "sad gentlemen" from the Tax Office or if I have just told you about a large tax overpayment and the resulting refund. In both cases (especially the slightly worse one) we will find such a solution to make you satisfied.

So what will you use your tax refund for?


Every accountant or accounting firm must have public liability insurance. Such insurance insures...the accountant against mistakes. But what about the client? Is it possible to assess their losses due to incompetence of an accounting service?

Such mistakes can happen right away, but they can also see the light of day and years from now. Mistakes are different, but the worst ones do not have to be financial. It is enough to have a foreign partner who collides with a wall of ignorance and old schemes. I have a different approach to my work: either I am sure about something or I do nothing until I am sure. I must be able to defend every accounting operation, every event must have a legal basis, and every decision must be based on substantive analysis. Only then can I say that I take responsibility not only for my accounting decision, but most importantly for my client. Since I focus on quality rather than quantity I have time to take a closer look at each challenging situation. I am not a "document processing" office, which is what I call accounting offices. I know what I'm talking about because I worked there too.

Accounting and tax assistance

Clients of Account Trees, can count first of all on professionally managed accounting for their companies, but additionally on reliable tax and accounting assistance, supported by many years of practice. I invented and implemented my own service which I called tax management.

The solutions I propose are always preceded by a professional and thorough analysis of the client's situation and possibilities. The most important feature for me is availability. I do not work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Certain matters sometimes require sacrifices which I discuss with clients even late in the evening. Neither the Tax Office nor ZUS are interested in the fact that the accounting office was closed.

It's good to have someone on the phone to help you without just looking out for your best interest.

Change of accounting office

If you are thinking of changing accounting offices or just starting a business, you have come to the right place. I have moved hundreds of businesses between different accounting firms over my years of work. It's not difficult or complicated at all. Besides, it's not you who will do it, but me - after all, it's my job. All you have to do is contact me by phone or email. We will discuss the details and before you know it, you will already be in my care.

If you are just setting up your business and thinking about choosing an accounting firm, you could not have found a better place. I will help you at every stage of the procedure of setting up your own business and advise you on the best form of taxation. Currently there are many opportunities to reduce the financial burden of running a business. Together we will reduce costs to the maximum, so that you can focus on running your business.

So what do you say? Are you ready for a quality jump?